“I worked with Sheila at TeedCo. and was very impressed by her professionalism and veracity.”

Francis Castano, MD

“I used Joe Ferdinando during my job search to find my ideal emergency medicine position.  Joe offered professional and knowledgable advice.  He knows the trends of the ever-changing job market and gave me accurate information.  I recommend him highly for an EM physician seeing their next great opportunity.”

Dr. Yoojin Na, Emergency Medicine

“CEMPA is a large 60 doc private ED group in the SE. We do mainly in-house recruitment. In addition, we have utilized only one recruitment firm for more than 20 years –Teed & Company. They know the NE region well. Teed & Co. are always very fair, dependable, and proactive to our needs. They represent us each year at the ACEP Scientific Assembly. They only represent high-quality applicants. I recommend and trust Shawn and his colleagues for a job well done.”

Brad Courter MD, COO, Carolina Emerg. Med PA, Greenville, SC

“I have worked with Teed and Company for about three years now, and the simple fact is that whenever I need a contact for the New York City area, Shawn is the only person I would call. He has always come through with the best positions and best
offers I could have hoped for. Additionally, the service from his Company is unequalled.”

Michael A Duchesneau, MD, Emergency Medicine

“I will continue to use this firm as my “go-to” firm for physician recruitment. TeedCo. knows our market and presents only candidates that meet our needs and expectations, they have helped us meet our needs in a timely fashion, saving us time and resources. Simply outstanding in every way.”

David Istvan, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Englewood Hospital Medical Center, Englewood, NJ

“I am a physician assistant who has been in touch with Shane Meehan about a possible position.  I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you and let you know how great Shane has been.  I have been very impressed with how prompt Shane has been in responding to my emails.  He is also very organized and on top of his work, always having the answers and never promising answers when he does not have them.  I also appreciate his honesty, which is rare these days.  I am pleased to work with Shane and will continue to use TeedCo. in my current and any future job searches.”

Lisa Israel, PA

“As a busy graduating emergency medicine resident, TeedCo. simplified the complicated and time-consuming job hunt process for me. Shawn and his staff secured multiple interviews for me at quality institutions, all with high practice standards and guaranteeing highly competitive compensation. I only interviewed at institutions in locations I preferred and with shift lengths and job conditions I desired. Shawn and his staff were in constant communication with me and my prospective employers ensuring stress-free interview days with all logistics taken care of. Shawn’s extensive experience in physician placement, and uncanny ability of knowing almost everyone in the business, helped me to secure my ideal job. I am 100% satisfied with my experience at Teed & Company and recommend their service to all graduating residents.”

Matthew T. Timberger, MD, Emergency Medicine, Staff Physician, Falmouth Hospital, Falmouth, MA

“I have known Joe Ferdinando of TeedCo. for eight year and consider him to be a professional physician recruiter.  He provides attention to detail and personal service.

More importantly, he makes it his mission to fully understand the knowledge, skills and abilities required to make a physician successful in an organization.  Just as critical is that he looks to match cultural fit to enhance, and not inadvertently detract from, the team that is already in place.  To me, this has made him essential to work with all these years.

In 2019, I hired two of his candidates and look forward to recruiting additional emergency medicine physicians from his as well if the need should arise.

I would recommend Joe Ferdinando and the services he provides for an emergency medicine department.”

Rafael E. Torres, MD, Director, Dept. of EM, White Plains Hospital, White Plains, NY